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Established 1959
History - Formation
Thanks to the efforts of Roy Swift the following Minutes of the Formation of the Society are a copy of the original minutes.

Meeting held at Great Lever & Farnworth Golf Club

26th.October 1959 at 7:30pm


The meeting had been called to consider the formation of a Bolton & District Society of Golf Captains.


Attended by:-                Mr.J.Corser                              Secretary of the Bolton Golf Association

                                    Mr.T.H.Crossley                       Breightmet G.C

                                    Mr.G.Hinchcliffe                       Breightmet G.C

                                    Mr.H.Potter                             Deane G.C

                                    Mr.J.Haslam                            Dunscar G.C

                                    Mr.J.Corrigan                           Great Lever & Farnworth G.C

                                    Mr.G.Fielding                           Great Lever & Farnworth G.C

                                    Mr.N.Gibson                            Great Lever & Farnworth G.C

                                    Mr.J.B.O’Hara                          Great Lever & Farnworth G.C

                                    Mr.J.Parker                              Great Lever & Farnworth G.C

                                    Mr.W.Richards                         Great Lever & Farnworth G.C

                                    Mr.H.Richards (Captain)           Great lever & Farnworth G.C

                                    Mr.D.Dougill                           Horwich G.C

                                    Mr.J.Holden                            Horwich G.C

                                    Mr.J.K.L.Jones                        Horwich G.C

                                    Mr.H.Hutchinson                     Harwood G.C

                                    Mr.J.G.Mellor                          Harwood G.C

                                    Mr.A.E.Smith                          Harwood G.C

                                    Mr.A.Bailey                             Bolton Old Links G.C

                                    Mr.W.Calvert                          Bolton Old Links G.C

                                    Mr.T.L.Crumblehulme              Bolton Old Links G.C

                                    Mr.A.Stanley-Hughes               Bolton Old Links G.C

                                    Mr.J.Openshaw                       Bolton Old Links G.C

                                    Mr.J.Lambert                          Regent Park G.C

                                    Mr.S.Hamer                            Regent Park G.C


                                    Mr.W.Johnson                         Press Representative


Chorley G.C, Hindley Hall G.C, Bolton G.C, Turton G.C & Westhoughton G.C were not represented at the meeting.



In the absence of the President of the Bolton Golf Association (B.G.A), which had called the meeting, the Hon.Secretary, Mr.J.Corser opened the proceedings by a brief reference to the Manchester Society of Golf Captains and to the purpose of the meeting.

He then moved, and Mr.N.Gibson of Great Lever & Farnworth seconded, a proposal that the Captain of Great Lever & Farnworth, Mr.H.Roscoe should take the chair. This was carried unanimously.


A short discussion ensued on the activities of other Captains Societies after which it was formally proposed by Mr.G.Hinchcliffe (Breightmet G.C), seconded by Mr.A.Bailey (Bolton Old Links G.C) that a Bolton Society of Golf Captains be formed.


This received unanimous approval as did the next proposal, by Mr.J.Openshaw (Bolton Old Links), seconded by Mr.J.G.Mellor (Harwood), that the name of the society be

 “The Bolton & District Society of Golf Captains.”


Election of Officials


The following Officials were elected.


Hon.Secretary             Mr.J.K.L.Jones (Horwich)                    Proposed by Mr.A.Bailey (Old Links)

                                                                                                Seconded by Mr.F.Haslam (Dunscar)


Hon Treasurer             Mr.G.H.Hinchcliffe (Breightmet)        Proposed by Mr.A.Bailey (Old Links)

                                                                                                Seconded by Mr.F.Haslam (Dunscar)


President                     Mr.J.Openshaw (Old Links)                 Proposed by Mr.G.H.Hinchcliffe (Bre)

                                                                                                Seconded by Mr.H.Potter (Deane)


Captain                        Mr.F.Haslam (Dunscar)                      Proposed by Mr.G.H.Hinchcliffe (Bre)

                                                                                                Seconded by Mr.H.Potter (Deane)


Presidents Remarks


The President then took the chair and expressed his thanks for his election.

He voiced hopes for the Society to become a strong and marked institution in the towm.

He had felt for a long time that there was a need for such a society and looked forward to its future with confidence.

After remarking on the strength of the Manchester Society of Golf Captains, of which he was a member, he tentatively suggested that the Bolton Society should hold both a summer Golf Meeting and an Annual Dinner.



Captains Remarks


In returning thanks for his election, the Captain of the Society confidently anticipated its future success and suggested that its activities should take place at the weekends.


Further Proceedings


At the instigation of Mr.A.Stanley-Highes (Old Links) each member present introduced himself and the following Committee was elected to represent the Clubs present.


Old Links G.C                           Mr.H.Openshaw

Breightmet G.C                        Mr.G.Hinchcliffe

Deane G.C                               Mr.H.Potter

Dunscar G.C                            Mr.F.Haslam

Great Lever G.C                       Mr.J.B.O’Hara

Harwood G.C                           Mr.J.Mellor

Horwich G.C                            Mr.J.K.L.Jones

Regent Park G.C                      Mr.J.Lambert


It was decided that each club should have one representative, weather he be an Official or not.


Clubs not represented were to be notified, prior to the Committee Meeting to be held to formulate the Rules and Constitution of the Society.


An exchange of views took place on the proposed activities and finances of the Society following which a proposition by Mr.J.B.O;Hara (Great Lever) seconded by Mr.A.Bailey (Old Links) that “for the time being the Subscription should be 10/6d, for the first period.”. This was carried unanimously.


Mr.H.Hutchinson (Harwood) proposed that Mr.A.Bailey (Old Links) seconded , a proposal that “The Annual Dinner be confined to Members of the Society, except for official guests.”

An amendment by Mr.J.Parker (Great Lever) “That each Member of the Society be allowed one guest.” Failed to find a seconder and the original proposal was carried.


The Meeting gave favourable consideration to a suggestion by Mr.J.Corser (Secretary of the B.G.A) and Mr. G.Hinchcliffe (Breightmet) that the first golf meeting should be held on the Presidents or Captains home course and that Members should sound out their Committees on their attitude to offering the “Courtesy of the Course” for this purpose.


A suggestion by the president that the Competition should be 18 Holes, its type left to the Committee to decide upon and that consideration should be given to a 9 Hole subsidiary competition.



Any Other Business


There being no further business the President than thanked the Captain of Great Lever & Franworth, Mr.H.Roscoe, the Hon Secretary of the B.G.A, Mr.J.Corser and the Press Representative Mr.W.Johnson for their part in convening and publicising the meeting and Great Lever G.C for affording the facilities to hold it.


The Meeting closed at 9:20pm


Signed as a true record:-                    Mr.J.Openshaw (President)

                                                            21st.January 1960


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